Dating principles for Single Parent.

Hi Parents! CONGRATULATIONS on investing in YOU. Whether you have been a single Parent for years, or are exploring what solo parenting is all about, the fact that you landed on this page is huge.

If you are new here, know that, and its founder are committed to the following principles:

  • Single Parents are capable of leading happy, abundant lives and familes, regardless of how their families are structured.
  • Today, most single Parents were never married, or had at least one baby outside of marriage. We’re so over the presumption that all single Parents are divorced Parents.
  • Financial autonomy is not only attainable for single Parents, it is necessary for you to live your fullest life.
  • You are free to explore all romantic pursuits your heart desires. In other words: Dating does not hurt your kids, and in fact, a Parent who is fulfilled in her dating and sex life is a better Parent. Rushing to get married is a bad look (and get real: marriage probably didn’t work out for you the first time, so why the rush to repeat that model?!).